How we met Cooper

in General Blog Friday, October 11, 2019

Here's a post I've been meaning to write for ages about how I found Cooper and why I'm in no doubt William chose him for me. If you put everything down to coincidence this isn't the post for you but for everyone else..

A few weeks after William died I was driving through Greenwich feeling completely and utterly bereft. I knew I needed another dog in my life to feel happy again but I just didn't know where to start. Doing the smallest tasks at the time felt such hard work. I silently asked William what I should do and all I kept getting back was the word Cooper. At the time the name meant absolutely nothing to me and I didn't think he'd been much help at all!

A couple of weeks later I was talking to my Dad and told him I'd decided to look for a Golden Retriever and call him Cooper. He remarked it was strange I'd chosen the name Cooper as the day after William had passed away a Black Lab in their village called Cooper, who William had known, had died suddenly on his walk. I thought then that William was telling me he'd met with Cooper in heaven as my biggest worry when he left us was that he wouldn't know anyone!

Over the next month or so, I started to look for a dog who needed a home. I tried to adopt two adult Golden Retrievers but sadly was unsuccessful. I then started calling various breeders but with no joy. People didn't get back to me or I was too late etc. I was on the verge of giving up. Every call was so painful to make and I thought if it was the right time it wouldn't be so difficult. My parents then called to say they'd found a litter that looked good. I put off calling initially but eventually took the plunge. For the first time someone actually picked up the phone, he had 3 boys left (I really wanted another boy!) and I was welcome to go and see them the following day. I couldn't believe it was finally falling into place. Before hanging up I asked the gentleman his name... yep... it was Mr Cooper!!

Mr Cooper had mentioned the puppies would be 3 weeks old that Friday. Later in the day I looked at my calendar to work out their date of birth. It was the 10th May... the same day as William! The first birthday William missed Cooper was born. I love that they share their birthday and that I will always be able to celebrate both my boys birthdays together.

We went to meet the puppies and as you know the rest is history. The first week we had him I wasn't 100% sure whether to call him Cooper. The signs had led me to him so I thought I didn't necessarily need to call him Cooper. One morning I arrived at work and announced Cooper was now called Rupert! Two hours later we were printing all the days orders when one got stuck in the printer. We ended up having to pull the printer apart and finally retrieved the order that had jammed it. The order was for an engraved tag. And the name on the tag? Cooper Wood!! (My surname is Wood). At that point I surrendered. William clearly wanted this puppy to be called Cooper so Cooper it is! X